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This dance is taken from the book Dances of Italy by Bianca M. Galanti, published in 1950 by Chanticleer Press Inc., New York, NY. La Furlana Ziguzaine was danced spontaneously in the courtyards of the castles in western Friuli during the grape harvest. This is a courting dance; lively flirtation is an essential part of the dance.

Formation: For one or several couples. If danced by several couples, after the intro, couples form a circle facing CCW with women to their partner’s right.

Waltz Counts* Dance Steps
IntroMusic M approaches W with a little bunch of flowers. He presents it to his partner who quickly pins it to her bodice.
8 M takes W’s L hand in his R hand, and both waltz CCW in circle with 8 waltz steps, each starting to their outside foot (M on L, W on R).
8 W breaks and skips or waltzes away from M flirtatiously; M follows. W allows herself to be “caught” during the last few skipping steps. (If waltzing, use 8 waltz steps. If skipping, 24 skips)
4 Partners link little fingers of R hand and turn CW with 4 waltz steps, beginning waltzing toward each other with R foot. W turns under on last two steps.
4 Repeat, linking L pinkies and turning CCW, beginning waltzing away from each other with R foot, W turning under on last two steps.
2 Linking R hands, M turns W CCW under raised R arms with 2 waltz steps.
2 M turns CW under raised R arms with 2 waltz steps.
2 Linking L hands, M turns W CW under raised L arms with 2 waltz steps.
2 M turns CCW under raised L arms with 2 waltz steps
4 [Partners keep L hands joined and join R hands over the L and held straight down, R shoulders touching.] Couples waltz CCW in place. W turns under during last two steps.
4   [Partners maintain joined hands, but L hands are now held straight down, and L shoulders are touching.] Repeat, waltzing CW. W turns under during last two steps.
4 Link R arms at elbows and skip CW. (4 waltz steps or 12 skips)
4 Link L arms at elbows and skip CCW. (4 waltz steps or 12 skips) During last few skips, M removes from his waistband a handkerchief knotted at two corners.
4 [Each dancer holds one corner of handkerchief in R hand at shoulder height.] Couples waltz, turning CW in place, W turning under the handkerchief on the last waltz step. Switch handkerchief to L hands.
4 Couples waltz, turning CCW in place, W turning under the handkerchief on the last waltz step.
2 W turns twice CW under the handkerchief while M turns once CW, with two waltz steps.
6 W then breaks away from her partner, twisting and turning while waltzing as if to avoid being caught by M who follows her, still holding the handkerchief and also waltzing.
8 M seizes W by the waist. Couples get in social dance position and waltz in line of direction (CCW) around the circle for 4 counts. Not dropping hands, couple opens so that W’s L shoulder and M’s R shoulder are touching and skip facing line of direction (CCW) in circle for the remaining 4 counts (with 12 skipping steps). W turns under on the last 2 counts (6 skipping steps). W curtsies, M bows on last beat of music.


*Note: This dance can be done with only waltz steps, or only skipping steps, or a mixture of both as described. Each group may decide how “vigorous” they want the dance to be, based on the agility of their dancers. When counting steps, there would be three “skips” to every waltz step..

Abbreviations Used
 M – man R – right CW – clockwise
W – woman L – left CCW – counter-clockwise

Jackie Capurro, Il Quartiere Italiano






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