Balliamo Italian Folk Dance Group

Balliamo! Italian Folk Dance group of the Sacramento Italian Cultural Society in Sacramento, CA, is shown in this video performing at the 2012 Camellia International Folk Dance Concert on March 11, 2012. This concert is a local event put on by the Sacramento International Folk Dance and Arts Council, and displays the folk dances of various countries. In this performance, Balliamo! is performing Bal dell’Amicizia, a cordial dance in quadrille formation, and transitions into Tarantella Siciliana, a lively tarantella from the island of Sicily

Festa Italiana Parade 2009, Milwaukee

Tradizione Vivente, the Italian Dance Group of Milwaukee, WI performing at the Festa Italiana Parade 2009 in Milwaukee


Vai dance performed by TRADIZIONE VIVENTE at the 2009 Italian Festa in Milwaukee, 2009


Tradizione Vivente, the Italian Dance Group of Milwaukee, WI. Performing on July 27, 2010 at the Chicago White Sox game in celebration of Italian Heritage Night