From Leslie Gigliotti in New Orleans

IFAFA President Leslie Gigliotti returned home from New Orleans today, but she shared these pictures from an altar that she viewed over the weekend. From Leslie:

Local St Joseph’s Day altar in New Orleans

Saint Joseph’s day isn’t until Monday, but a hotel here put their altar up earlier this week. Churches, supermarkets, parochial schools, private homes all have viewings. The paper here puts out a listing.

Alligator made of bread and a crayfish too! And traditional wheat design that they showed us in our vestedde class that some of you may have made in the workshop at last fall’s IFAFA Conference in Rockford, IL.


Alligator ‘vestedde’
Crayfish ‘vestedde’
Sheaf of wheat ‘vestedde’

I also was able to stop at the cultural center to tour their museum and meet their director. These two pictures were taken at the cultural center. For more information about the American Italian Cultural Center in New Orleans, check out their website:

St Joseph’s altar at the New Orleans Cultural Center
Sicilian cart at the New Orleans Cultural Center

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