La Giga Occitana

This choreography was created for BALLIAMO! of Sacramento, California, based on material presented at the 1994 Mendocino Folklore Camp by Celest DiPietropaolo and Marie DiCocco. It was taught at the 2002 IFAFA Conference in San Francisco by Drew Herzig, choreographer for Balliamo! Folk Dance Troupe of Sacramento, CA.

Giga Step (BALA) Low leap on right foot to right
Step left heel with partial weight in front of right
Step right foot in place
Repeat with opposite footwork to left



The choreography can be used for 4 dancers, or for 8 dancers in couples.



During first 32 counts of music, dancers stroll at back of stage into approximate positions.

Center dancers starting with right foot, forward up center with 4 steps, full turn away from each other 4 steps, back on outside track 8 steps – 16 counts in all.

Outside dancers repeat – up center, full turn away, down outside – as center dancers move to center. End in single line, centers facing outsides. 32 counts in all.



Starting R foot, all do 7 Giga steps. Outsides finish with 8th Giga step, as centers turn L to face in with 3 plain steps, L-R-L.

All do 8 Giga steps.



With 4 walking steps, starting R foot, centers turn by the R hand (1/2 turn for 2, ¼ turn for 4).

All turn by the L hand, ½ turn.

New centers turn by the R hand, and continue, 8 changes in all.



With hands joined up in line or cross, all do 7 Giga steps. All do ½ turn to L on 8th count. All do 8 Giga steps.



Centers start changes with L hand, 8 changes in all. In couples version, last change is ¼ turn only, to join hands in a circle, facing in and out.



Hands joined up in line or circle, all do 7 Giga steps. In line, dancers facing back turn on 8th count to face forward. In circle, all turn on 8th count, to reverse in and out.

In line, all do 8 Giga steps. In circle, dancers facing in face out with L turn on 8th count.



In line, starting R foot, lead to L and form circle moving CW, R wrist/L elbow hold.

In circle, front and back men lead foursomes into CW circles, in R wrist/L elbow hold. (Follow person to your L.) 17 counts in all.

Starting with weight on R foot, do 8 hop-step-steps (quick-quick-slow rhythm).

Music ends.



Stay in circles until music resumes. Then, break into original line or couples, pretending to smooth costume, adjust hair, etc. 16 counts.

Centers (or women) forward 4 steps, starting R foot, CCW turn 4 steps, back to place 4 steps, small curtsey. 16 counts.

Outsides repeat, men bowing instead of turning. 16 counts.

4 dancers version – all forward 4 steps, turn CCW 2 times, step back, join hands down, curtsey. 16 counts

Couples version – couples forward, hands joined with partner, women on man’s R. Women turn CCW 2 times under joined arms, wrap up, and pose.


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