Children’s Abruzzese Fairytale

Gracie Scala Adamson grew up as the youngest of seven daughters in an Italian immigrant family in Australia. Gracie’s mother, Chiarina, was born in Vasto, Abruzzo, and this is one of the fairytales she would tell her children. Le Tre Favette (The Three Broad Beans) was one of Gracie’s favorite stories, but one that she could not find in fairytale books. Inspired by her mother’s storytelling, and driven by a desire to pass on the tradition to her nephews and nieces, she recently translated the story, created the illustrations, and had it published.

The book was launched in Gracie’s local library in Geelong, Australia, in August 2010. Gracie’s Illustrations came in 2nd place in the 2009 Children’s and Young Adult (CYA) writers & illustrators conference in Brisbane.

Gracie’s picture storybook is full of original and vibrant illustrations, written in English with Italian phrases throughout the story. It has the Italian version written on the last two pages. The story is about two orphaned children who find something precious hidden away that leads them on a fairytale journey. This 30-page story will enchant you with its underlying theme of hope.

If you are interested, contact Gracie at <> or purchase it for $19.95 Australian Dollars ($20.30 US Dollars) from the website <>. It is suitable for children, ages 6 years and over, as it is a traditional fairytale.

Gracie explains, “I would be delighted to think that it would be shared with other children with Italian heritage, especially from Abruzzo!”

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