IFAFA Founder’s Fund

The Elba Farabegoli Gurzau Founder’s Fund was originally established as a living memorial to the founder of the Italian Folk Art Federation of America. Contributions for any intention, i.e. birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, as well as in memoriam, are tax-deductible and used only for IFAFA’s artistic endeavors.


Donate Now Using Credit, Debit Card or PayPal

Donations by check

Donations may be made payable to “IFAFA – Founder’s Fund” and mailed to:

IFAFA Founder’s Fund
P.O. Box 25957
Philadelphia, PA 19128

When sending a donation to commemorate an event or memorial offering, please: Identify the occasion and give the full name of the individual to be honored. Also give the full name and address to whom the announcement is to be sent. The contributor should also provide his/her own name, address, and telephone number.

A special letter, announcing the contribution and naming the contributor, will be forwarded to the honored person or family, and an acknowledgement of the tax-deductible donation will be sent to the contributor.