– by Elba Farabegoli Gurzau, Founder of IFAFA

Softcover book, 128 pages, including black-and-white and color illustrations. Seventeen dances with description and notated music, information about Italy, costumes, customs, etc. Comes with a CD of the recorded music to accompany the dances.


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Excerpts from the Author’s Preface:

“… Because I strongly favor a folk scene to frame the dances and songs, there follow several pages about holidays, customs and scenes that may stimulate ideas for dramatization.”

“As soon as a folk group organizes, the members will need costumes, thus some accurate information on the folk costumes of Italy…gone into details of color, material, shoes, headdress in the hope that this will solve a few problems and avoid incorrect presentation of Italian costumes.”

Some of the dances offered:
La Furlana
Il Saltarello di Romagna
La Tarantella Napoletana
La Tarantella Villaggio
…plus 13 others