IFAFA’s Purpose

The purpose of the Italian Folk Art Federation of America is to preserve and foster interest in Italian folk arts; to research Italian folklore, traditions, costumes, dances, songs, instruments, etc.; to act as a center for gathering, storing and disseminating the information; and to bring together Italian folk performing groups and other interested individuals.

IFAFA is an outgrowth of an Italian Folk Art Project initiated in 1977 at the Nationalities Service Center (NSC) of Philadelphia. With the assistance of the NSC and the leadership and dedication of Cav. Elba Farabegoli Gurzau, IFAFA was incorporated on May 7, 1979, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a nonprofit cultural and educational organization.

IFAFA is also a member of the Federazione Italiana di Tradizioni Popolari (Italian Federation of Popular Traditions) in Rome, Italy.