Committee Information

The following Committees are in charge of much of the progress that has been and will be made for IFAFA. The organizational model of each committee should consist of a minimum of five members: One Director to serve as Chairperson, along with two additional Directors and a minimum of two non-Board members to fill out the minimum requirements.

As a member of IFAFA, especially our younger members, your voice should be heard!!! Our Committees have fewer members than we’d like. We’re looking for your input!! What do we, as an organization, need to do to sustain your membership, foster growth, and ensure the future of IFAFA? Clearly, your ideas and opinions hold a great deal of value on moving this organization through to the future.

If you’d like to volunteer to serve on a Committee, please email the appropriate Committee Chair, below. Committee activity need not take too much of your time, and the more members a Committee has, the easier it is to share the responsibilities.


Membership Committee
Chair: Paul Torna
Members: Karen Rosanio, Danita Wendorf

The Membership Committee is responsible for sending out reminders about annual dues, recruiting new members, and working with the Public Relations and Marketing Committee. Activities include sending membership info or making presentations to schools and universities where Italian is offered and searching the web for links to like-minded groups.

Public Relations and Marketing Committee
Chair: Bea Ricotta
Members: Sam Alioto, Jackie Capurro, Gina Marie Jorgensen, Stephanie Ricotta

The Public Relations and Marketing Committee is responsible for maintaining the visibility of the organization, to keep IFAFA in the public eye. Responsibilities include the IFAFA website, press releases, web contacts, and personal contact with newspapers, magazines, and online sources (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to promote the public’s awareness of IFAFA.

Folk Art Committee
Chair: Joyce DeLaurentis
Members: Jackie Capurro, Larissa Chobany, Maria Chobany, Susie Christiansen, Janine Giarrusso, Meri DiLorenzo Howard

The Folk Art Committee is responsible for researching new ideas and resources for expanding our knowledge of Italian Folk Arts. Such research includes locating and corresponding with other folk troupes in both the United States and Canada, as well as Italy; finding sources (e.g. in libraries, online, in your own community, etc.) for information on dances, songs, costumes, instruments, etc.; and developing the means of storing and disseminating the accumulated information.

Fund-Raising and Development Committee
Co-Chair: Joyce DeLaurentis  (Second co-chair position currently open)
Member: Stephanie Ricotta

The Fund-Raising and Development Committee is responsible for devising and maintaining programs to solicit and receive gifts and donations, bequests, legacies, and real or personal property. This will involve researching and applying for grants that will assist IFAFA in furthering its goals and suggesting ideas for fund-raising events and activities. The Fund-Raising Committee will also work with the Folk Art Committee which will be proposing programs and initiatives that will make fund-raising objectives more specific.